Electric luxury has arrived.

Mercedes-Benz provides the luxury and performance you expect in its line of electric vehicles, Mercedes-EQ.
With a range of models, it will meet all of your expectations.

Advanced Technology
All-Electric Powertrain

The electric vehicle drivetrain system in every Mercedes-EQ is responsible for delivering power from the battery to the wheels. It is made up of three main components: the electric motor, drive shafts, and transmission

MBUX Hyperscreen

The MBUX Hyperscreen is a visual masterpiece and the largest display created by Mercedes-Benz for a production vehicle. It is a panel merging three screens:  one for the driver, an expansive central display, and to the right, a screen for the front passenger.
Over-The-Air Updates

Your user profile in the Mercedes me store will enable you to activate and update vehicle functions.

Charging at Home

Mercedes-EQ vehicles can be charged conveniently at home. We are excited to share information about a new program from FPL titled, "FPL Evolution."

Please click here to learn more and to enroll. It makes owning and charging your Mercedes-EQ seamless and affordable.

Charging On-The-Go

From shopping centers and workplaces to parking garages and service areas along the highway, discover how easy it is to plug into the electric future.

Contact us today to schedule a test drive and to learn more!

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